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Advice 13-2021 (PDF)

Re-assessment of the ratings of adverse effect of hazards mentioned in the control programme of the FASFC: prohibited substances and drug residues

          (dossier SciCom 2021/08)
Advice 12-2021 (PDF) Action limits for nicotinic acid in fresh meat, minced meat, meat preparations and processed meat (dossier SciCom 2016/31 F) Food
Advice 11-2021 (PDF) The effect of the use of E171 (TiO2) in foodstuffs on health (dossier SciCom 2020/16) Food
Rapid opinion 10-2021 (PDF) Perfluroalkyl substances (PFAS) in food of animal and vegetable origin (dossier SciCom 2021/13) Food
Advice 09-2021 (PDF)

The evaluation of the FASFC analysis programme for exogenous contaminants: C. Migration from food contact materials (FCM) (dossier SciCom 2017/07)

Advice 08-2021 (PDF)

The meat inspection without incisions for young bovines, small ruminants and equids (dossier SciCom 2020/14)

Advice 07-2021 (PDF)

The draft royal decree amending the royal decree on the direct supply, by a primary producer, of small quantities of some food products of animal origin to the final consumer or to local retail outlets (dossier SciCom 2021/02)

Advice 06-2021 (PDF)

The evaluation of self-checking guide G-034 for the production and sale of dairy products on a small scale and of the module " Production of dairy products ", a complement of the generic self-checking guide G-044 for the B2C sector (dossier SciCom 2020/13, SciCom 2020/15)

Advice 05-2021 (PDF)

The evaluation of hazard characterization of pesticide residues without toxicological health-based guidance value (dossier SciCom 2020/22)

Advice 04-2021 (PDF)

A draft royal decree establishing the conditions relating to the quarantine and isolation of terrestrial animals – Part 1: dogs, cats and ferrets suspected of rabies on import (dossier SciCom 2020/21)

Rapid opinion 03-2021 (PDF)

A renewed risk assessment of SARS-CoV-2 infection associated to mink holdings (dossier SciCom 2020/20)

Advice 02-2021 (PDF) The evaluation of the FASFC analysis programme for exogenous contaminants: D. Various contaminants, irradiation and radioactivity (dossier SciCom 2017/07) Various
Advice 01-2021 (PDF) Action limits for some chemical contaminants in food : nickel (dossier SciCom 2016/31 D) Food
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