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Advice 23-2018 (PDF) Estimation of the risk to the consumer of Bacillus cereus in food (dossier SciCom 2018/04) Food
Advice 22-2018 (PDF)

Action levels for chromium in fresh fruits and vegetables

Advice 21-2018 (PDF)

A draft royal decree modifying the royal decee of 22 June 2010 on the control of the patato cyst nematodes (dossier SciCom 2018/14)

Advice 20-2018 (PDF) The regarding action limits of the sum of T-2 and HT-2 toxins in certain foodstuffs and animal feed, and revision of the hazard rating (dossier SciCom 2017/20) Food
Advice 19-2018 (PDF) The assessment of a derogation request for the frying of tortilla chips at 190°C (dossier SciCom 2017/21) Food
Advice 18-2018 (PDF) The FASFC regarding the risk to bee health of contaminated and adulterated beeswax (dossier SciCom 2016/27) Animal

Advice 17-2018 (PDF)


Action limits for residues of pesticides in fishery products and aquaculture products (dossier SciCom 2017/17) Food
Urgent advice 16-2018 (PDF) The risk of spreading of the African Swine Fever virus in the Belgian wildlife and of spill-over in the Belgian swine sector (dossier SciCom 2018/15) Animal
Advice 15-2018 (PDF) The analysis program regarding microbiological analyses in prepared products, fish products, vegetables, fruit, herbs, vegetable oil, fertilizers, beverages and water not intended for drinks (dossier SciCom 2017/24) Food
Advice 14-2018 (PDF) Evaluation of a request for exemption from the legal requirement of use of potable water for the production of gelatin (dossier SciCom 2017/23) Food
Advice 13-2018 (PDF)

Evaluation of the module "Fresh, prepared and processed fishery products" relating to the generic self-checking guide for the B2C sector (dossier SciCom 2018/02)

Advice 12-2018 (PDF) Pasteurization of colostrum with supercritical CO2 (dossier SciCom 2016/10) Various
Opinion 11-2018 (PDF) Evaluation of an application for exemption for the use of non-potable water for malt production (dossier SciCom 2018/01) Food
Advice 10-2018 (PDF) The analysis program regarding the protection of plants against pests (dossier SciCom 2017/03) Plant
Advice 09-2018 (PDF) as amended by Advice 18-2020 (PDF) Action levels for chemical contaminants (aluminium, nitrates and nitrites, tributyltin) in foodstuffs (dossier SciCom 2016/31B) Food
Opinion 08-2018 (PDF) Revision of the plant health barometer (dossier SciCom 2014/12C) Plant
Opinion 07-2018 (PDF) Revision of the animal health barometer (dossier SciCom 2014/12B) Animal
Opinion 06-2018 (PDF) Revision of the food safety barometer (dossier SciCom 2014/12A) Food
Advice 05-2018 (PDF) The assessment of the aptitude of the GC-MS/C/IRMS method for the detection of natural synthetic hormones with androgenic or estrogenic activity in cattle (dossier SciCom 2017/25) Animal
Advice 04-2018 (PDF) The FASFC analysis program with regard to food allergens (dossier SciCom 2016/25) Food
Urgent advice 03-2018 (PDF) Risk assessment of the use of meat coming from sticking wounds in the production of minced meat, of the conservation of frozen meat and of the consumption of cattle tails which were not subject to post-mortem inspection (dossier SciCom 2018/07) Food
Advice 02-2018 (PDF) The draft Royal decree related to bovine brucellosis (dossier SciCom 2017/19) Animal
Advice 01-2018 (PDF)

Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in indicator bacteria, pathogens and zoonotic bacteria (dossier SciCom 2017/10)

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