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Animals without disease: the future of the animal production chain?

Jeudi 2 décembre 2021


Recent efforts by the various actors in animal production have led to significant progress in the control and prevention of animal diseases. However, intensive animal production systems are prone to the accumulation of many pathogens that pose a variable risk to both animals and humans. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that a human pathogen can also have a major impact on animal production systems.

The aim of the symposium is not so much to focus on the classical themes of prevention and control of animal diseases, but rather to try to give an image of the challenges facing animal food production. Themes such as food safety, sustainability, economy and the digital revolution are all addressed. This symposium is challenging and future-oriented and fits within the broad context of preserving and safeguarding the health of food producing animals and thus of the consumer (One Health) while taking into account the societal challenges faced by operators, sectors and government. The theme creates both the opportunity to draw lessons from past (animal) health crises and to present new insights into animal production methods and the challenges associated with them.

The symposium is intended for an (inter)national audience of risk assessors, risk managers, policy makers, researchers, stakeholders, producers, consumers and students.
Program (PDF)
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Live streaming

The COVID policy of the FASFC has been strengthened recently due to the growing number of COVID infections in Belgium. Unfortunately, this has also implications for the symposium since no audience is allowed in the conference room.
This means that the symposium will be transformed into a webinar/livestream. All registrees can participate at the symposium and contribute to the discussion via live streaming and the chat function. The recorded live stream will be published on the website of the Scientific Committee established at the Belgian Food Safety Agency after the symposium.



Participation is free of charge but prior registration is required.

Registrations are closed on Monday 29/11/2021.

FASFC employees must also register via Debohra.

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