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Rapid advice 19-2014

The risks of introduction of Bluetongue virus serotype 4 in Belgium

(dossier Sci Com 2014/25)

Advice 18-2014

Acrylamide intake of the Belgian population – revision

(dossier Sci Com 2013/27)

Rapid advice 17-2014

Evaluation of the risk for public health of casings in countries with a “negligible risk status for BSE” and on the risk of modification of the list of specified risk materials (SRM) with regard to BSE (dossier Sci Com 2014/22)

Advice 16-2014

The evaluation of the self-checking guide for the processing and the trade industry of potatoes, fruits and vegetables (dossier Sci Com 2014/16 - G014v4)

Advice 15-2014 The evaluation of a project of royal decree laying down animal health requirements governing trade and imports of certain animals and defining the conditions for approval of organizations, institutes and centers owning such animals (dossier Sci Com 2014/16)

Common advice

SciCom 14-2014

and SHC 9160

Food safety aspects of insects intended for human consumption

(dossier SciCom 2014/04 - SHC 9160)

Advice 13-2014 The phytosanitary part of the 2014 FASFC analysis program
Advice 12-2014

The evaluation of the 2014 analysis program of the FASFC – Part microbiologic parameters in food and GMOs in food and feed (dossier Sci Com 2014/15 (C))

Advice 11-2014

The chemical part of the 2014 FASFC analysis program (dossier Sci Com 2014/15 B)

Advice 10-2014 The 2014 FASFC analysis program – chapter: microbiology – partim: animal health (dossier Sci Com 2014/15 A)
Advice 09-2014

Draft royal decree concerning the control of bovine viral diarrhea

(dossier Sci Com 2014/09)

Advice 08-2014

The risks of introduction of African Swine Fever in Belgium (dossier Sci Com 2014/14)

Advice 07-2014

Draft royal decree laying down the animal health requirements governing trade and imports into the Community of animals, semen, ova and embryos of equines and laying down the requirements for semen collection centres, semen storage centers, embryoteams and embryo production teams as well as the requirements for as donor functioning equidae (dossier Sci Com 2014/08)

Advice 06-2014

Draft royal decree defining the sanitary policy conditions for the trade and the import of ovine and caprine sperm, ova and embryos and defining the conditions for the sperm collection and storage centers, the embryo collecting and embryo producing teams and the sanitary conditions for ovine and caprine donors (dossier Sci Com 2014/02)

Advice 05-2014 The food safety of the short supply chain (dossier Sci Com 2013/01)

Advice 04-2014 The evaluation of a request for exemption from use of potable water for the production of a food ingredient (dossier Sci Com 2013/25)

Advice 03-2014 The risk assessment of migration from food contact materials: explorative case studies (dossier Sci Com 2011/03: self-tasking initiative)

Advice 02-2014 Draft royal decree regarding the measures to be taken to prevent outbreaks of  notifiable diseases in pigs (dossier Sci Com 2013/21)

The list of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) to control in feed and on the action limit to be used (dossier Sci Com 2013/20)

Our mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect humans, animals and plants.

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