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Press release

Date Subject
24/06/2015 The FASFC supports Belgian export
11/03/2013 AFLATOXINS : all results of milk analyses are COMPLIANT (PDF)
07/03/2013 AFLATOXINS in Feed : update of the situation in Belgium and a reassuring message from the FASFC (PDF)
04/03/2013 AFLATOXINS in Feed : Situation in Belgium (PDF)
23/01/2012 Russia : Likely contamination of milkpowder with Salmonella (PDF)
14/07/2009 RABIES : Still a real danger to public health (PDF)
26/04/2009 The “swine influenza virus” is no longer a “swine virus” (PDF)
23/12/2008 Low pathogenic avian influenza virus on two poultry farms (PDF)
22/09/2008 No Chinese milk in Belgium (PDF)
09/09/2008 Incident at the IRE in Fleurus: Communication (PDF)
03/09/2008 Incident at the IRE in Fleurus: Results of the last sampling carried out by the Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain in private vegetable gardens within a radius of 3 km (PDF)

Our mission is to preserve the safety and the quality of our food in order to protect humans, animals and plants.

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